Phone Consultation

Here's what you get:

  • • A 60-minute power consultation, live with Steve Karel (Consultant of Record) and one of the industry’s top authorities regarding strip club management, operations and marketing.
  • • Save weeks in wading through a sea of confusing info regarding a strip club investment --Get the RIGHT answers right now.
  • • The accumulated experience of working with several unique strip club operations managers, investors, and operators since 1994
  • • Help and insight based on REAL hands on operations
  • • Opening your mind to ideas, possibilities, and approaches you did not previously consider
  • • Ability to grasp your unique set of circumstances quickly / early in the consult
  • • Advanced knowledge of today's sophisticated, higher profit consumer --No 1980's /90's philosophy here!
  • • No canned or pre-scripted answers, solutions, or advice
  • • Arming new and current entertainment operators with the knowledge they need to succeed