Next Step

Call us for more information about how our professional representatives can help you.
Tell us what your concerns are about your business and what you'd like assistance with. If we can help, we'll send you a detailed "snapshot" questionnaire which will allow us to get a better feel for all areas of your business and how they interrelate.
We'll outline an action plan for you which could contain an onsite visit at your location or a simple telephone consultation.

We'll send you an engagement letter, fee estimate and retainer request.
Once we have an engagement letter and complete the business arrangements, we will open your case and make our travel arrangements.

We'll discuss your needs in depth before arriving at your location and may request more information such as digital photos, dimensions, or equipment lists.

Since we are full-time strip club operators our goal is to get in, address and solve your problems / issues as quickly as possible.

Some ongoing phone support is included at no charge with most onsite consulting contracts.
If you can't afford us, and you have a grave problem that we're certain we can help you with, we'll make some type of payment arrangements… or possibly do it for free to help you save your business. No matter what, we're all brothers. We all need a break some time.
To be of service is a great honor.