Frequently Asked Questions

New operators:

  • • I'm considering a strip club investment -Help me decide if this is right for me
  • • I'm ready to open a strip club -Where do I start?
  • • I have an idea for a strip club -do you think this will work?
  • • How do I determine what venue will work best in my marketplace?
  • • I don't know how to compose an executive summary for investors
  • • How do I approach investors?
  • • The marketing research or how to correctly interpret it has me stumped -help!
  • • I have this convoluted arrangement with multiple operating partners -help!
  • • I have X population and can't determine the capacity of room I'll require
  • • I found a GREAT deal on a space. They want me to sign a lease -should I sign?
  • • How much will it cost to do X type of strip club in Y size of space?
  • • Can you look at my executive summary presentation?
  • • Can you go over my presentation with me on the phone?
  • • My investor/s want to be 'active' operating partners -help!
  • • The sound and lighting salesmen is pitching me on $$$$$ worth of gear -help!
  • • How do I implement a liquor inventory system that actually works?
  • • How do I setup cash systems that are not wide open to theft?
  • • How do I market and promote my club
  • • Where do I find suitable talent
    • Should I employ feature entertainers?
  • • From friends to family, everyone's offering expert advice on my new strip club -It's so desensitizing!
  • • How do I maintain "Positive" control over my strip club? So many owners seem to completely lose control!
  • • I'm almost ready to move with this venture… But something here still doesn't feel right -Help!

Existing Operators;

  • • My traffic and profits have gone for a complete dump -HELP!
  • • I've spent oodles of $$$ on DJ's, promoters, contests, and media -I'm still empty and going broke too!!
  • • I have a beautiful strip club. Hot girls, Great staff. Stable environment. Yet no one shows up!
  • • No one shows up until 12:00 or later… How do I build a following before this point?
  • • My operating costs are WAY higher than they should be… Where the hell is all my money going!?
  • • How much comping of customers is appropriate? I think my bar staff are giving far too much away!
  • • We've had one too many fights -now local law enforcement is all over us
  • • The city or liquor authority is now attempting to revoke our permit -help!
  • • Drug and prostitution activity is out of control here -law enforcement and or city is ready to close us down
  • • Great… I think my staff may be involved in illicit activities with customers
  • • No matter what, Underage Issues/ Problems continue to menace my operation.
  • • I'm down to one night a week of decent business -all else is a wash
  • • I get good traffic, but the party never seems to get off the ground
  • • I have good volume traffic, but resulting revenue is terrible

    That would suggest we offer a one-fits-all generalized approach to all contingencies that arise in an entertainment operation. There's no such thing as the 'Silver Bullet' idea, concept, theme, promotion, music style, or solution that will work wonders for ANY strip club, in ANY market, for ANY problem.
    Our suggestions, guidance, and insight is focused 100% on YOUR specific situation and the variables UNIQUE to it. What may prove successful in one market does not necessarily mean it will do wonders for yours and vica versa. We actually understand that!

    While travel is occasionally necessary, the bulk of problems associated with both new startups and current operations can be addressed through intellectual resources, which can only be offered through real life experience. Strip clubs exhibit a very high failure rate for a good reason and it's because too many people "think" they know what they're doing, and or are putting their faith The first and only priority of strip is to provide answers, insight, and possible solutions to your problems.
    In consultation, it would be easier for me to simply keep the discussion focused on elementary aspects, such as inventory control, door policies, administrative tasks, and promo nights. While these are important, they by no means address the more serious issues of market viability, and or whether your concept and vision will ultimately succeed.
    Most ideas, concepts, and operational approaches need to be scrutinized from a host of various perspectives. It's not about telling the client what they want to hear.. It's not about being polite.. It's not about the customer /client is always right.
    It's about the bottom line, which is this: Will your approach to social entertainment product succeed, or will it crash and burn within 6-months? Whether you're approaching investors or planning on infusing $300,000 upwards to 5-million of your own money, this is something most of you should want to examine and question in great detail. With most of my clients, there's an 80% chance I'll raise several critical issues /concerns that were not previously considered

    In essence, this is what consulting is all about. It's not about the elementary attributes of a strip club --It's pointing out minor or serious flaws in the 'larger operational model", which could render a new startup or current operation dead in the water within 6-months. REMEMBER… You only get one chance to get it right in a social entertainment venue. Blow that first chance and the odds of getting another are exceptionally low.