About us
Strip Club Consulting.com. is a professional full-service company dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting services for the strip club industry. Whether a club is in the conception stage, planned and under construction or currently in operation, our expert staff at Strip Club Consulting can provide essential expertise that can make a major impact on the success of your project!

Strip Club Consulting and its affiliated companies are part of the world's leading online infrastructure representing the Gentlemen's Club Industry. Over the years we have amassed a wealth of the industry's top level management. Our consulting teams have years of operational experience managing some of the highest profile and highest income generating strip clubs across the country and around the world.

Whether in one of the world's great cities or at a remote hard to find location, each club is designed to enhance every aspect of a customer's experience. It is our belief that a truly successful club provides exceptional service, a quality product and incredible attention to detail.
Our expertise allows us to offer promotions, style and ambience specific to the surrounding area and customer base. Services typically include club marketing and campaign management, club general analysis, layout and design, entertainer and service staffing, hospitality training, policy and control implementation, and most important of all, we constantly keep an eye to maximizing the bottom line.
If you are in need of top level consulting services for your new and/or pre-existing club location, give us a call today…!!!
Strip club consulting can be very beneficial to many people. It offers a sounding board for the strip club owner or operator to throw thoughts at. Also, if a second opinion is welcomed and or needed by a strip club owner, our consultants can be of great help because of their expertise in the field. There are many times you already know what decision you need to make. But talking with someone with extensive expertise in the strip club industry may just confirm what you already thinking.

The professionals at strip club consulting can be very insightful, especially for the beginner owner and or operator. Too many times a beginner gets their knowledge and information from bad sources, or are steered in the wrong direction.

You want to know if it's worth it? Hands down, YES, especially if you have the right person to consult with. If you are planning to open your own bar or strip club, or maybe you already have one and it needs help. Or if you go through the process of starting your own place and through this whole process you only make ten mistakes. That's pretty good! Right? If each of those mistakes, or wrong decisions, cost you as little as two thousand dollars each, you just lost twenty thousand dollars!

So now ask us if our consulting services are worth the cost.

Can this be done by phone or email? Yes it can, but to an extent. Depending on what you need help with, in some circumstances you just need to be physically there. On the other side of that coin, many questions can be answered, and advice given, just by the phone and email. It just depends on how much basic knowledge you have. On subjects such as this, you will find that that can be long conversations.

Most strip clubs have an area or two that need some type of attention. Often these problem areas cost the operation thousands or even millions of dollars a year. We are full time strip club professionals. We own and operate strip clubs for a living. You, our client, are our only partner. We are your advocate in any situation. We have the knowledge and experience to help you find your own answers.